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First Advantage Property Management



“Because forming the right types of alliance in real estate means everything.”





Our purpose for this section is to help you, the property owner, better understand the administrative and management systems of First Advantage Property Management. Second, it is to help provide valuable industry knowledge and insight. It is our pleasure to introduce you to our company and answer questions that involve our company or the industry as a whole. When property owners are provided industry knowledge and tools, it provides you with a greater understanding of the day-to-day operations of property management. This enables you to hold a property management company accountable for its performance, putting both parties on the same page and allowing for a better working relationship.


Our business relationship is formed in writing between you, the property owner, and First Advantage Property Management. Through a document called the “Management Agreement.” All procedures, terms, services, and conditions spelled out in this “Property Owner’s Manual” are subject to change, withdrawal, or modification at any time and could take place without notice. You should look solely to your individual “Management Agreement” for actual services rendered.


Our team thanks you for taking the time to understand our business. We look forward to serving you!


First Advantage Property Management IS AN EQUAL HOUSING PROVIDER. First Advantage Property Management does business in accordance with the Fair Housing Act and does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, religion, age, sex, familial status, marital status, disability, color, national origin, sexual orientation, or any other protected classes.




First Advantage Property Management Makes Investing & Owning Rental Property Easy



A big part of success in real estate and business in general means forming the best types of alliances. Alliances increase strategic positioning and are used to increase strengths, helping those parties involved reach their goals more efficiently and at a much quicker pace. At First Advantage Property Management, we are committed to this philosophy.  We built our name on it.


1. Comprehensive tenant screening & qualification.

One of the most powerful ways to reduce late rent, problem tenants, and evictions, is through proactive tenant screening. All prospective tenants will be screened using a qualified tenant screening program. First Advantage Property Management’s screening process is one of the most comprehensive in the nation, including eviction, criminal, rental, credit, and work history, using our property management software.


2. Efficiency through property management software.

Property Management Software is a cost-saving tool for a rental investor owner. It provides accurate, efficient tracking of rents collected, late rents, vacancies, maintenance costs, and more. Our management software combines modern accounting and property management features to provide our team, and you, with an all-inclusive solution. This enables us to provide you with a wide range of detailed reports, upon request, that will better enable you to track the performance of your investment.


3. Easy communication.

Available by telephone, fax, mail, email, or personal appointments, our team is always ready to assist you.


4. Experienced service personnel.

As part of our team’s Certified Property Management Expert training, we've received specific training to better monitor the work of vendors and also to implement our preventative maintenance program.


5. Detailed property inspections.

We can provide, as a special service, written comprehensive inspection reports including

photos or video of your property during tenancies and after.

6. Owner-friendly management agreement.

No restrictive clauses, no hidden fees for services, no difficult termination clauses. Just an easy-to-read and understandable Management Agreement.


Frequently asked questions about First Advantage Property Management.


What makes First Advantage Property Management different than any other?

Our team is the most well-trained staff in the business. We pride ourselves on operating with the highest degree of integrity, ethics, and professionalism while providing outstanding property management.

Our company is a “one-stop-shop” for all real estate and management services. We offer management, maintenance, construction rehab, real estate leasing, and sales under one roof. We are designed to manage your investment from the moment of purchase, making the property rent ready, finding a qualified tenant, and managing your investment.


What types of properties does First Advantage Property Management manage?

We focus our services on the residential single-family, duplex, and midsize multi-family properties. This does not exclude our services for providing management to select commercial properties.


What are the office hours of First Advantage Property Management?

We are open for business from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on weekdays, and after hours on weekends. We always have an emergency contact on-call and are available 24 hours a day.


How does First Advantage Property Management handle emergencies?

A big part of good landlord-tenant relations is availability and timely response. Our company provides 24-hour assistance for emergencies. We have designated members of our team who will respond promptly to all emergencies.


How does First Advantage Property Management perform our bookkeeping and reporting to property owners?


With our specially designed property management software, we are promptly able to send you

detailed property reports upon request. Such reports are:

-Detailed profit and loss statement

-Fiscal year budget reports

-Detailed rent roll reports

-Late rent report

-Unit available reports


How much does First Advantage Property Management charge the rental owner?


We have several services available to fit the needs of any rental owner. You can pick and choose which services you need us to handle for you. Our fees are competitive in the marketplace; we charge a small percentage of the monthly rent as a management fee. Our leasing program fee is equivalent to one month's rent. With this, we find and place qualified tenants. Other property management companies will advertise lower rates but offer inferior services and often have hidden costs.


One More Thing That is Unique About First Advantage Property Management.


Sometimes property owners will commit to obligations they later regret because they are unfamiliar with evaluating Management Agreements or have not taken sufficient time to review the document. Our practice has been made to provide a copy of the Management Agreement to you for review before setting up a consultation. There are several ways our Agreement is unique and provides confidence and flexibility to you, the owner.


Management fees only apply when rent is collected.

-We do not charge management fees when your property is vacant.

Your success is important to us. Therefore, we only get paid when we get paid.

Easy termination policy.


1. First Advantage Property Management is about as flexible as you will find anywhere. You may terminate our Management Agreement in writing, with a thirty (30) day written notice.


No management fees after termination.


Frequently Asked Questions About Qualifying Tenants & Marketing the Rental Unit


How long will it take to rent a property?

Several factors influence the rental market, such as location, condition, and rental price. Typically, the time frame to rent a unit should take no more than 30 days.

How will First Advantage Property Management market your rental unit?

Getting your property rented as soon as possible to a qualified tenant is one of our highest priorities. Lost rent because of unnecessary vacancies is cash-flow typically never recovered. Therefore, we use many methods of advertising to give your property exposure. These include, but are not limited to:


Yard signs

One of our First Advantage Property Management yard signs will be placed on the property (if permitted) between two and four weeks before vacancy or immediately. If your property is just being placed on the rental market with our company. This service is provided at no additional charge by our Leasing Service.


Internet -MLS,, Craigslist, Zillow, Trulia, and Hot Pads

Photos and descriptions of your property will be placed on the Multiple Listing Service. Prospective renters can access this site and search by area to find what they want.

Rental spotlight list

Your property description will be added to our rental list. This list of available or upcoming rentals is updated daily and available free of charge to all who come into our office. This service is provided at no additional fee by our Leasing Service.


We market with other real estate offices.

Your rental information will be shared with other real estate offices looking to locate rentals for their clients.


How does First Advantage Property Management qualify prospective tenants?


First Advantage Property Management uses one of the most comprehensive tenant screening services in the nation. This screening program will evaluate the following areas of a prospect tenant background:


-Rental records

-Employment Verifications

-Court evictions

-Driving record

-Criminal background check

-Retail credit files

-Rental debt collection records

How in-depth you want your tenant screening process to be will be up to you, though we have

recommended criteria. We can help you create personalized screening criteria.


How long will it take to qualify an applicant?


Depending on the level of screening, the process could take as little as 15-20 minutes, or it could

take as long as one business day.


What happens if the tenant doesn’t pay the rent?


This is one of the most frequently asked questions by owners and has the most concern. The answer is that when a tenant fails to pay the rent and remains in the rental unit, we begin the process of quickly having the tenant removed. Our trained team knows how to file Michigan-required legal notices to prepare for an eviction process. We work closely with premier and experienced eviction attorneys to not only make sure you receive fast, excellent service but competitive fees. Once the eviction is completed in the court system, the tenant must physically move from your property. We coordinate the required performance of the right of ownership by a local sheriff. Which puts our management company back in control of the rental unit. Our trained team handles any abandoned property as required by Michigan Law.  Left behind the property is one of the costliest areas of land-lording and where many lawsuits arise if not handled appropriately.) After that, we quickly make the rental unit ready to show and lease again. In fact, at the time of the initial filing, we would have begun to advertise and find a new tenant. The eviction process usually takes four to six weeks, not months as many would believe. However, the more relevant question is…..

How likely is it that an eviction will occur?

Although we can never be 100% certain, the training that our staff receives, coupled with our experience and tenant screening programs have shown that evictions will be experienced significantly less often than by owners self-managing their property or using other management services that do not provide a background check.

Who is Responsible? Owner or Tenant?


***The amount of owner vs. tenant responsibility is impacted by the number of rental units.  Ex: single-family rental or multi-family rental. ***


What happens if the tenant damages the property?


If the tenant-caused damages are discovered while the tenant vacates the premises, a claim is made against the security deposit to cover the damage. This is a legal process that must be followed precisely to allow the deduction of a security deposit. If not handled correctly and within the allowed time frame, the entire security deposit can be required to be returned to the tenant, regardless of damages.


Who is responsible for the heating/ air conditioning system?

This is a shared responsibility. The owner is responsible for the major operations of the system when things go wrong that are beyond the control of the tenant. However, the tenant is responsible for changing the filters regularly and keeping the drain line open. System maintenance or repair resulting from tenant abuse, misuse, or neglect is the responsibility of the tenant.

Who is responsible for plumbing repairs?

Once again, this is a shared responsibility. Owners are responsible for circumstances beyond the tenant’s control, for example; water heater failure, tree roots in the sewer line, or worn-out fixtures. However, the tenant is responsible for clogged toilets/drains and jammed garbage disposals. Or any problems resulting from abuse, misuse, or neglect. If the premise has a septic tank system, owners are customarily responsible for septic tank pump-outs, sump pump failure, and clogged drain fields.


Who is responsible for windows and screens?

The owner is responsible through the property manager to ensure that these are in good condition when the tenant takes possession. After that, the tenant is responsible for the repair or replacement, of broken glass or damaged screens, including screen doors and sliding doors. The exception would be if damage occurred because of a natural disaster such as a major storm.

Who is responsible for pest control?

Our Lease Agreement makes this a tenant's responsibility for single-family homes and duplexes, except for problems beyond the tenant’s control, i.e. termites and rodents. Michigan Statues stipulate that for multi-family buildings larger than a duplex, pest control must be an owner’s responsibility.


Who takes care of the yard?

Our single-family Lease Agreement makes this a tenant's responsibility and requires the tenant to maintain the yard and shrubs in the same condition the yard was in during move-in unless the owner chooses to provide complete lawn care for the property.

Who is responsible for the swimming pool service?

It has been our experience that it is best for this service to be provided by the owner to make sure that the pool is maintained properly. We contract with a pool service company to provide weekly pool services. The cost of this service would be the responsibility of the owner.

What is your policy on animals?

Whether or not to accept animals is always the owner’s decision. Some owners allow animals, others do not. A non-refundable fee of $150 per animal and an additional $150 deposit per animal must be paid by the tenant in order to have an animal in the rental unit. Where animals are permitted, only small to medium-sized, non-violent, common domesticated animals should be considered. Certain breeds of dogs are not accepted because of liability considerations. Farm animals are not permitted. (Due to Fair Housing Laws persons with disabilities will be allowed a therapy pet without being charged a pet fee. For more information, please review the Fair Housing Act provided in this manual.)

What does First Advantage Property Management do when the rental becomes vacant?

We promptly conduct a move-out inspection of the rental premises. This allows us to make any appropriate claims against the security deposit for damages made by the tenant and then disburse the deposit accordingly. We immediately prepare the property for a new tenant. This typically includes cleaning the carpet, painting the walls, etc. As soon as we are notified the unit will become vacant, we begin advertising for a new tenant. This is often the best time to address major repairs, improvements, or upgrades to the rental unit if needed.

What kind of liability insurance should a property owner have?

If you are converting your personal residence to a rental property you should change your policy from a homeowner’s policy to a landlord’s policy (sometimes called a rental dwelling or dwelling fire policy). If your property is already a rental unit, you probably have the right policy, please check just to be sure. The limits should be in an amount not less than $100,000 per person and $300,000 per occurrence. If your rental property is in a condominium or two-home community, please do not assume that the condo association policy for the community will adequately cover you or your property. “It will not!”


You should have your own liability policy (separate from the association’s policy) to make sure that both you and your rental property are adequately protected. If you do not know an insurance agent, we can recommend local independent insurance agents who will be glad to recommend the appropriate policy for you? It is the policy of First Advantage Property Management that you, the owner, request your insurance company First Advantage Property Management as an “additional insured” to your policy. Most companies make this addition at no additional charge.

What is First Advantage Property Management's Rental Inspection Program?

Overseeing all maintenance repairs and handling all tenant relations as part of our regular management responsibilities.  We can conduct an annual inspection of the visual interior and exterior of a rental property. Complete an inspection report and provide a copy of the report to the owner. Due to the complexity of the inspection, the annual inspection is not a part of our management services.


The Property Owners' Expectations


                                                                “Inspect What You Expect”


                                                                   Marketing and leasing.

As an Investor/Owner you can expect our Leasing services to include:

· Placing one of our First Advantage Property Management “Now Leasing” signs on your property (if permitted) as soon as a vacancy is recorded, usually 30-60 days earlier.
· We will share information with interested renters by using real estate, locator services, website full photo and description advertisement, and curb-advertisement.
· We will have our trained leasing staff show your property to prospective tenants.
· When a prospect decides that they are ready to move forward with leasing, we will immediately ask the prospect to fill out our prospect packet which includes our application. Our Team then begins the efficient, but comprehensive, applicant qualification process. This will ensure we have a qualified tenant and that the security deposit is received.
· Not renting your property for an amount lower than what you have agreed to without first receiving your permission.
· We will conduct the move-in meeting with the tenant and have the tenant go over and sign a Move-In Move-Out Inspection Report. This will ensure the tenant and property manager agree on the condition of the rental unit before the tenant receives the keys.


Property inspection program.

· Our team will conduct our “Inspect What We Expect Check List” which consists of walking the whole rental unit with the “Move-In Move Out Inspection Report” to detect any damage caused by the tenant that previously moved out. If damages are found caused by the previous tenant then we will follow our system to properly impose a claim against the security deposit.

· When authorized by the owner in writing, conduct an annual visual interior and exterior inspection of the rental property. After completing the inspection report, a copy will be made available to the owner. There is an additional charge for these services.

Why we are the top in our industry.

As an Investor/Owner you can expect our normal Property Management procedures to include:
First Advantage Property Management will follow a very innovative system model. This system model enables us to provide very dependable and predictable services to our clients. Day-to-day operations.


As an Investor/Owner, you can expect our normal Property Management procedures to include:
· Our team will make owning rental property as an investment not only smart but easy. We will make every reasonable effort to collect the rent in a timely fashion.
· Through our experienced staff and our state-of-the-art property management software, we make responding to all tenant concerns and emergencies quick and efficient.

What if a tenant does not comply with the Lease Agreement?

As an Investor/Owner, you can expect our normal Property Management procedures to include:
· Our team will serve any applicable legal notice under Michigan Landlord-Tenant Law to ensure compliance with the Lease Agreement.
· Our team will make a follow-up visit to the rental property to determine whether the tenant has complied promptly with any and all legal notices or letters delivered by us.
· Our team personally handles the delivery of all notices and letters including the 3-day notice (Michigan’s legal notice required before eviction for nonpayment of rent can be filed.)
· Our team also works with the top landlord-tenant eviction attorney in Michigan. They will assist in any eviction action taken against a delinquent or non-complying tenant. This procedure will always be done in a timely fashion unless directed by the owner to allow a delay.

Reporting to owners

As an Investor/Owner you can expect our normal Property Management procedures to include:

· Our team will prepare and email comprehensive statements monthly.
· Our state-of-the-art property management software allows for many useful detailed reports. Our team will email the owner key reports they request once a month.
· Our team will also send the 1099 income Form and Profit & Loss statement at the end of each calendar year to assist you in your tax preparation.

What about maintenance and upgrades?

As an Investor/Owner, you can expect our normal Property Management procedures to include:

· Our team will consult with you, the property owner, in advance regarding any expenditure on the property that would exceed the amount mutually agreed upon in your management agreement, unless it is an emergency affecting the safety and health of the tenant, or the integrity of the property.
· Arranging and authorizing services, necessary to maximize the property’s appeal to prospective tenants, thus expediting leasing and minimizing vacancy time. Examples would include utilities, maid service, carpet cleaning, lawn service, pool services, painting, and minor repairs.
· We will draw from any available forfeited security deposit funds to address expenses that were the previous tenant’s responsibility.
· We will change the locks between the tenant's residency to decrease the owner’s liability.


We comply with local state and governmental regulations.

As an Investor/Owner you can expect our normal Property Management procedures to include:
· We comply with local, state, and federal FAIR HOUSING laws and ordinances.
· We also comply with U.S. EPA requirements regarding lead-based paint disclosure.
· We also comply with all other applicable laws and ordinances, whether local, state, or federal, that may affect the management of a residential rental property.

Brief Closing

Thank you for allowing us this time to introduce our revolutionary new property management company to you. We hope this Property Owner HandBook has helped you better understand how to evaluate a property management company, as well as providing you with very important industry knowledge. At First Advantage Property Management, our main focus is to maximize your income and minimize your expenses through a strategic alliance between you and our team. We would consider it a privilege to help you continue to grow your real estate portfolio.

Let’s get started!


To move forward:



Please contact us at: (844) 340-6695  or Fax (586) 738-6478




The following is a list of items we will need to begin management of your rental property:


A signed Management Agreement by all owners of the property. If applicable a completed Lead-Based Paint Hazard Disclosure form. This form only applies to homes built before 1978. Disregard this form if your property was built after 1978. All Keys pertaining to the rental property, i.e. house keys, pool keys, garage door opener remotes, and gate entry cards and /or remotes to the community. Four (4) sets of keys are ideal.


If you don’t have that many keys available, we can make duplicates. For liability and security reasons, if the rental property has been occupied either by the owner or a tenant all locks should be re-keyed before a new prospective tenant moves in. Please do not duplicate keys unnecessarily. A copy of the homeowner association or Condo Association Rules and Regulations where your property is located, along with the name and address of the governing association will be needed.


(Disregard if your property is an apartment complex).

If applicable, a copy of any current Lease Agreement and Assignment from the previous landlord to our company. Tenant names, and contact information. If applicable, security deposits for any existing tenants or written information on where this deposit is being held.


A completed and signed W-9 form, providing your Social Security Number or Taxpayer Identification Number, or any other applicable taxpayer forms (i.e. W-8, 4224) for non-U.S. citizens. A copy of the Insurance Policy naming First Advantage Property Management as an additional insured.

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